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New types of special contact lens products have been developed to replace eyeglasses for those who have poor or deteriorating eyesight. Eyeglasses are still used to improve vision, as they have been in the past. Before the invention of contact lenses, they were the only choice if you wanted to see things clearer. Contact lenses were a drastic improvement over glasses for those who could wear them, but were initially restricted to certain types of vision corrections.

Since the invention of the special contact lens, however, things began to change.  Contact lenses highlighted the disadvantages of wearing glasses. They can really be cumbersome and inconvenient for the user. They also provide a limited field of vision. They frequently steam up and are affected by wet weather. This is especially a disadvantage for people who work outside or need to be able to negotiate under difficult conditions.

Special contact lens products provided a quick solution to these problems. Contact lenses used to be glass-blown and were large enough to cover virtually the whole eye. These could only be worn for a limited amount of time, and a dextrose solution was used to fill in the gap between the cornea and the lens. That made contact lenses such a hassle to use.

These days, special contact lenses aren’t made from glass anymore. Advances in ophthalmology and polymer materials have caused the development of corrective lenses, contacts for astigmatism and presbyopia, and multifocal contacts that allow the user to focus on more than one point, as opposed to single vision lenses. Contacts are now made of much more durable and easy to wear material such as Plexiglas and semi-rigid gas-permeable materials that let oxygen into the eye, a drastic improvement over the old glass lenses which weren’t permeable at all.

The special contact lens has come a long way. These contacts for astigmatism and other eye ailments can really be quite stylish and easy to use. With the introduction of gas permeable contact lenses, the contacts can be left in the eyes for several days in a row.  Multifocal contacts are also quite useful for many people. With the availability of these kinds of contact lenses, the eyesight of many became so much clearer. For people who were denied the convenience of contacts, there are now several kinds of specialized lenses to fit almost every kind of visual difficiency.

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