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Pre-Op and Post-Op Eye Care

We offer our patients co-management for pre- and post-operative surgical care for cataract surgery as well as refractive surgery (LASIK and ICL surgery).  This provides you with the benefits and convenience of continuity of care by us, your primary eye care provider.

While you may request to receive your follow-up care from your surgeon, Doctors of Optometry are eye care professionals trained, licensed and fully qualified to provide follow-up care once you are “released” by your surgeon.  Most patients find it very convenient to return to their optometrist for post-operative care and services.  Your optometrist is also the vision specialist who will examine and fit you for your glasses, if necessary, after recovery of cataract surgery.  Your optometrist will be in communication with your surgeon. 

If problems develop during the post-surgery follow-up period, your optometrist and your surgeon will communicate regarding your care until these have resolved.

The Process

During your eye examination, your doctor may identify your need for cataract surgery or desire for refractive surgery.  The patient is educated on the process of cataract surgery and the different lenses available with the surgery.  The doctor discusses the typical co-management treatment plan and explains what care will be provided by the ophthalmic surgeon and the optometrist.

If you wish to have your post-surgical care co-managed by Dr. Guy T McDougal and Associates PC, you will need to sign a Co-Management Consent Form.

We then submit a referral to the surgery center that you request.  The surgery center will contact you for a consultation, and a determination of medical necessity for cataract surgery is made.  In the case of refractive surgery, your candidacy is assessed.  You then are educated about the procedure that best suits your needs.

Surgery is scheduled.  When deemed medically appropriate, typically after the first post-operative visit, the surgery center contacts McDougal Eye Center to schedule your post-operative visit. 

Patients Say:

I felt that I was in good hands. All staff were personable. The Dr.  was totally invested in providing a comprehensive evaluation. The eye surgeon that performed the laser surgery commended McDougal and Associates with high praise for an excellent pre-surgery assessment. I would recommend McDougal and Associates to anyone in need of eye care. — Manuel S


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